oilsetOiling every few minutes is important – it is the only form of lubrication for blades and prevents them overheating when in use. Oiling blades should therefore become a discipline one adheres to – as is the case with most clippers.
Kare-Pro clipper oil ensures the performance of your clipper or trimmer is maintained.
Apply frequently, but in small amounts between the teeth of the upper and lower blades.Liveryman clipper oil is supplied in
• 100 and 250ml bottles with long spout and cap for sealing after use
• 200ml spray Both are handy to keep in the pocket when clipping.
Can be used on all makes of clippers and blades Kare-Pro Cutter and Comb Wash

A high quality clipper blade cleaning solution for the professional user.
Eliminates left over hairs and accumulated dirt in a quick and easy fashion, whilst maintaining the best quality
lubrication for your blades to avoid rusting.
Available in a convenient 200ml bottle or as part of the Kare-Pro Clipper Care Kit.
Liveryman Clipper Care Kit (Blade Wash & Oil)
Code Description
150073 Pack contains 200ml of Kare-Pro clipper oil spray, 200ml of Kare-Pro clipperblade wash and a brush
Liveryman Clipper Oil Spray- 200ml
Code Description
150583 Kare-Pro Clipper Oil Spray- 200ml
Liveryman C&C Wash Spray 200ml
Code Description
150423 Kare-Pro Clipper BladeWash – 200ml
Liveryman Clipper Oil Liquid 100ml
Code Description
150563 100ml
Liveryman Clipper Oil Liquid 250ml
Code Description
150573 250ml