Kare Pro 100

Kare Pro 100 is a quiet, powerful, cordless clipper containing Kare-Pro’s unique brushless motor technology with 10,000 hours life-time. The lithium internal battery provides up to 2 hours of clipping. The Kare Pro 100 clipper is available in a variety of pre packed blade options, with and without battery pack. There are no air vents, which means no clogging by dirt, hair or dust. The clipper contains a lithium battery for reliability and longer life.

Kare Pro 100 is ideal for use with nervous animals. It is extremely quiet and verstaile, giving up to 10,000 hours lifetime. There are no mains wires, so the clipper can be taken into any environment – stables, grooming clinic, farm or surgery. An all round powerful, reliable clipper.

Kare Pro 100 Box Contents
Kare Pro 100 Box Contents
Kare Pro 100 Box Open
Kare Pro 100 Box Open
Kare Pro 100 Handset
Kare Pro 100 Handset
Kare Pro 100
Kare Pro 100

Features and Benefits

Unique Technology
  • First clipper to market with brushless motor
Brushless Motors
  • No carbon brushes or physical commutator, so no loss of action
    Low maintenance
    Reliability is higher than conventional motors
    Not subject to centrifugal forceHigher output torque
10,000 Hour Lifetime
  • Last 10 times longer than conventional clippers
No air Vents
  • No clogging by dirt, hair or dust
Removable Front Cover
  • Easy change of drive lever
Internal Lithium Battery
  • Greater reliability, longer lasting up to 2 hours
Versatile Charging
  • Mains, cordless or battery pack
Convenient Snap-On Blades
  • Detachable blades set for sharp, long lasting
  • Low Noise, low vibration, cool-running blade ideal
    for horses
Ergonomic Lightweight
  • Easy to use, easy to handle
LED warning Light
  • Low battery/full battery indicator


Specification Kare Pro 100 Kare Pro 100 + Battery Pack
Voltage 230 v to 12 v DC via adaptor 230 v to 12 v DC via adaptor
Charging Time 3 hours 5.5 hours (clipper + pack)
Speed 2,600 -2,700 rpm 2,600 -2,700 rpm
Run Time 1.5 hours Up to 1.5 + 4.5 hrs = 6 hrs
Motor Brushless Brushless
Motor Life 10,000 Hrs 10,000 Hrs
Battery LI-Poly LI-Poly
Battery Pack weight 330g
Blade Fixed Fixed
Additional Blades Full range A5 Full range A5
Carrying Case Yes Yes
Combs No No
LED Indication Yes Yes
Weight 550g with #10 blade 550 + 330g with battery pack


Kare Pro 100 Width Clip mm Type of Clipping
150323 #40 VET 46 0.1 Surgical use and removing matted coats
150313 #30 46 0.5 Very close clip. Face, feet and removing matted coats
150293 #10 46 1.6 General clipping, also can be used for faces, tummy, ears
150303 #15 46 1.0 Fine clip face, ears, can remove matted coats
190353 81/2 46 2.8 Medium clip, also head and neck
150343 #7F 46 3.0 Remove matted coats
150333 #5F 46 5.0 Body clipping on longer coats
150443 WIDE FINE 65 1.0 Full body horse blade with fine clip. Equine & veterinary use
121464 WIDE FINE 65 2.4 Full body horse blade with fine clip
150433 WIDE 65 2.4 Full body horse blade