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Excellent equine clippers and trimmers
Excellent equine clippers and trimmers

Born out of many years of engineering excellence and professional reliability, Kare-Pro offers both the professional and novice user a choice of innovative, market leading clippers and trimmers.

• Innovative, powerful brushless motor technology
• Reliable and Quiet
• Extremely long life
• Comfortable and easy to use

Kare-Pro clippers and trimmers are used by groomers, veterinary surgeons, equine professionals and on farms for all types of animal grooming.

Kare-Pro – promoting animal health

Quiet, comfortable trimmers for grooming companion animals
Quiet, comfortable trimmers for grooming companion animals

At Kare-Pro, we understand the importance of animal grooming. Consistent grooming enhances the wellbeing of the animal considerably and achieves a neat, well-tended appearance.  With regular clipping and trimming, horses dry faster after exercise, conserve energy through reduced sweating and so maintain an overall improved level of fitness.

Regular grooming stimulates the blood supply to the skin, so companion animals have healthier, shinier coats.  Kare-Pro clippers and trimmers are extremely quiet, comfortable and easy to use so provide a pleasant experience for the animal and a safe, reliable result for the user.

Kare-Pro – a global brand

Clip close to the skin for surgical use
Clip close to the skin for surgical use

The Kare-Pro brand is promoted globally. We work closely with our partners in each market through our dedicated export division.  Our strengths are in our team and the range of products we provide. Our team are experts in the agri-health sector.  It includes Vets, Technicians, a skilled, experienced sales team and a customer centric service team.

The company is continuously investing in the development of our quality, innovative products. NASA first developed brushless motor technology for the Apollo spacecraft – providing more power, reliability and lower maintenance than conventional motors. Kare-Pro was first to market using this groundbreaking motor technology for animal clipping and trimming.

The Kare-Pro brand is owned by the Agrihealth Group.  Agrihealth is a group of companies based in Ireland and the UK, operating a number of services that directly support the agriculture and food production industries.  We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, value for money and industry expertise.

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