Kare-Pro Comfort Range of Clippers & Trimmers

Comfort Range

Kare-Pro Comfort range of clippers and trimmers are for semi-professional use. The Comfort range is ergonomically designed for a comfortable, lightweight grip.



Flare ClipperThe Kare-Pro Flare is a small, comfortable trimmer handy for the face, head and awkward areas. Ideal for the horse or pet owner.
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The Kare-Pro 300 is a lightweight, powerful clipper which is durable and reliable. Ideal for heavy useage.

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The Kare-Pro Slick Art Pro trimmer is a trimmer with design in mind, its ergonomic design and light weight feel makes it the best clipper for all your clipping needs.

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Harmony ClipperKare-Pro Harmony is a small, versatile cordless clipper designed for vets, groomers, farmers and owners for clipping horses, cattle, dogs and other companion animals.
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