Kare-Pro Professional Range of Clippers & Trimmers

Professional Clippers

Kare-Pro Professional range of animal clippers and trimmers are for intensive use in farms, veterinary practices or grooming clinics. The Professional range is designed to provide quiet, powerful, reliable, versatile clipping.


Kare-Pro Classic is a multi-use trimmer for both large and small animals. It provides fast, accurate and powerful trimming using ceramic and titanium coated steel blades.

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Slick 150

The slick 150 is a powerful mains clipper that is ideal for intensive usage and is perfect for large yard use.
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KARE-PRO 100 is a quiet, powerful, cordless clipper with unique brushless motor technology. Last 10 times longer than conventional clippers. This cordless clipper can be used in any environment including stables, grooming clinic, farm or surgery.
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Brushless Motors

Brushless motors have never been used in animal clippers before due to the expense of the rare earth neodymium magnets and electronic control circuitry. Agrihealth has invested considerable resource into developing this technology for its unique, high quality range of Kare-Pro animal clippers and trimmers.
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Kare Pro 200

The Kare-Pro 200 clipper is the first mains operated brushless motor clipper that also comes with a battery back for remote operation.
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